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Pete Michaels
Pete Michaels
Pete Michaels was born and raised in Philadelphia, and has been a part of the music scene for more than 20 years. In addition to having his own oldies radio show for more than a decade, Pete Michaels is also a DJ veteran of the dance club era and more.

Pete Michaels said: I've been in and around broadcasting all my life and have performed on both sides of the microphone. I've sold radio, been on radio and like everyone else, I listen to radio and like every other listener, I know how easy it is to hit the preset buttons and fly up or down the dial. So, I developed this format to keep listeners tuned in. Music Memories is designed to provide hours of fun, great music and great memories which is where I got the name Music Memories.

By the time Pete Michaels had completed his college education in the School of Communications and Theater at Temple University, he had already several years of radio experience under his belt. And after nearly two decades of experience, he spent nearly a year developing the concept for Music Memories.

Pete Michaels said: Producing Music Memories is a huge undertaking, but I wouldn't trade back a minute of the time I've invested. Working with stations around the world and meeting and interviewing so many of the performers and singing artists from this era has been an extraordinary thrill. I don't just produce this show, I'm a fan, and I guess I always will be. Pete Michaels is a member of the Broadcast Pioneers of Philadelphia.

Pete Michaels is no relation to Dave Michaels who cruised your way on Cruisin' 92.1, WVLT during 2002 and 2003.

Pete Michaels resides in the suburbs of Philly with his wife Dana and his two best friends, his sons, Nicky and Jordy.

Pete Michaels & Company airs over Cruisin' 92.1, WVLT every Tuesday evening at 9 pm.