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Andy Volvo
Join JIMMY DEE, every morning from 6 am to 10 am on Cruisin' 92.1, WVLT.  WAKE UP & WAIL!
Andy Volvo
outside the WVLT Studios
Tuesday, April 22, 2003
Andy Volvo likes to say that he lived in the shadow of Billy Penn's hat. Of course, by this he means that he was born and raised in Center City Philadelphia, which is just a small part of the huge Cruisin' 92.1 coverage area of 5 million people.

Now in his four decade of broadcasting, Andy Volvo says that he loves the Delaware Valley and its people. You could tell when you listened to his morning show when he was on WVLT. His love comes shining through.

His career started similar to those of Cruisin' 92.1, WVLT's Ron Joseph (RJ, the King of Disco heard Fridays from 7 pm to 9 pm) and the Legendary Jerry Blavat, a mainstay at Cumberland County's #1 oldies station, Cruisin' 92.1, WVLT. Andy started dancing on a TV dance show. Both Blavat and Joseph danced on TV's American Bandstand show at WFIL-TV. That broadcast came out of Studio B and around the corner in Studio C was another Legendary personality, Cruisin' 92.1, WVLT's own Sally Starr. Her kids show for many years followed the Bandstand program.

From dancing with records to playing the records, Andy Volvo moved from the Quaker City to St. Mary's, Pennsylvania where his "on air patter" made him a top area radio personality. He was also Music Director of the station. Management there today still say that Andy Volvo was one of the most popular air personalities the station ever had.

Andy has worked in Washington, DC, the Jersey Shore, Harrisburg and Trenton, just to name a few areas. Eventually, Andy Volvo moved back to Philly to be on WSNI. He also worked at WPGR with Cruisin' 92.1, WVLT's Legendary Jerry Blavat (heard daily from 5 pm to 7 pm right here on Cruisin' 92.1, WVLT).

One of the saddest moments in his career, Andy says, was that he was on the air when Elvis Presley died. He had, Volvo recalls, the sad duty of informing his listening audience. Andy says, "I recall it as clear as yesterday. Just before going into a Howard Cosell Sports report, I had to announced that Elvis had passed and that was a tough moment."

Andy Volvo also stated that one of the biggest moments in his career was going to jail. No, he wasn't a cat burglar. Volvo was raising money ($2,428) for Muscular Dystrophy. His "arrest" (not real) was at a local ACME Supermarket in Linwood, NJ. The staged event was a promotion for the charity. Andy Volvo was using the moniker of "Doctor Disco" and the police said he was practicing medicine without a license.

In the early 90's, Philadelphia had a huge snowstorm. Andy Volvo was working at WPGR, an oldies station at that time. He was stuck in the studios for 2 days. It was one of the longest air shifts in the history of broadcasting and Volvo said he survived on coffee and packages of potato chips.

Andy Volvo is an avid record collector. His collection includes over 12,000 records and 2,000 compact discs. One of the artists Andy collects is Sinatra. However, Andy Volvo likes Nancy Sinatra and he met her on his birthday while working at an area radio station. Coming along with Nancy was her dad, Frank. He did an interview with Nancy and then was picked up in a limo and was taken to her concert at Resorts Hotel, courtesy of the promoter. Andy Volvo, who was a mainstay here at Cruisin' 92.1, WVLT for years, has kept in touch with Ms. Sinatra and has talked with her on additional occasions.

Andy says that the first group that he ever emceed on stage was "The Lettermen." It was 1970 and it was the first of many, many events that Andy Volvo has MCed. In the seventies, Volvo was making nightly personal appearances at area nightclubs and dance events.

In the 1973 Broadcasting Magazine yearbook, Andy is listed as Andy X. Volvo while at WKBI in St. Mary's. His said that the idea came from Johnny Knorr, the station's General Manager at the time wanted something catchier for the trade publications so added the X.

Andy Volvo since he is of Polish and Slav decent, says his favorite food is Kielbasa and Sauerkraut. His favorite musical "food" is Philly groups. Artists like The Delfonics, The Intruders, The Tymes and the Stylistics; all are being currently played on South Jersey's #1 Oldies Powerhouse, Cruisin' 92.1, WVLT.